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8 Streamline new recruits become IOR accredited

8 Streamline new recruits become IOR accredited

In January this year, having signed up to the IOR Complete Recruiter Course, a team of our Trainee Consultants embarked on the 9 week training programme that had been designed. Having run our own internal training previously ourselves, it was a step change in the way we now wanted to train our new starters for the future. I had spent several months liaising with Hannah Keep to carefully create the course content, using a mix of both the IOR Course and our own Streamline version, to come up with a tailored and comprehensive 28 Unit programme to cover the first 9 weeks of a new member of staffs life at Streamline.

The course is set up very carefully to maximise the information the trainees learn, with excellent videos voiced by Hannah, that carefully take them through each element of the unit, whilst keeping each session down to a manageable 1hr time slot so as to not overload the content. This allows for a 15-25min video session, followed by the opportunity to run through it and get input and views from each of the participants on the course. After this there is an assignment for the trainees to complete and submit for marking to show what they have learned.

Our team thoroughly enjoyed the course, training material and how well Hannah guided them through each phase of the recruitment lifecycle, giving them her real world examples of how she became a top biller. Having an outside trainer, who was exceptional at her job, gives real weight to the training programme, hearing someone talk from experience who is not the Owner or Manager, gives the staff a real feeling for how well they can do if they put everything they learn into practice. Coupled with the daily wrap ups and discussions on the prior and current Units it makes for a very well-considered and thought provoking approach to training.

I have been delighted with the Complete Recruiter Course and my work with Hannah, it has been a pleasure to work with her and the engagement it sparked within our trainees has made it incredibly worthwhile. I can highly recommend the programme, particularly Hannah herself, for anyone looking to train new recruits, from Trainee upwards. We have set up our second course now for our more experienced team, which has started well, along with quick and easy follow ups for the trainees to refresh on various stages of the course.

Rob Saltrese
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