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Is it time for HR professionals to go beyond the ‘toe-dipping’ stage with social media recruitment?

Is it time for HR professionals to go beyond the ‘toe-dipping’ stage with social media recruitment?

If you aren’t, you need to start using social media more effectively to recruit. LinkedIn do annual talent trend reports and these are some recent stats that prove social media platforms are a great place to find talent.

These are some of the most popular and effective social media platforms that employers use to promote their brand and find talent:

  • Twitter is used to post jobs and events and alert people to new blog posts. The strength of their Twitter presence lies in the fact that all recruiters and companies have a twitter account…and tweet as well.
  • Facebook focuses on potential candidates. Making contact with passive candidates this way by sharing knowledge, building a relationship and keeping them informed.
  • LinkedIn is used to source experienced candidates. Consultants can search for professionals by looking at their network and recommendations.  It’s also a good place to advertise live vacancies.
  • YouTube is used as a way to communicate their employee testimonials and these videos are embedded on the actual career website.

Social recruiting isn’t merely about publicising vacancies; this misses some of its most important benefits, such as cultivating two-way relationships with potential talent and informing them about what it is really like to work for your organisation.  Twitter is proving extremely valuable for connecting with graduates and advertising internship/apprenticeship programmes. Whichever platform you use it’s important to authentically promote yourself as an employer, keeping the message consistent across the organisation.

More and more social media applications are hitting the market and each year another wave of new mobile devices released, it’s no wonder people are questioning whether we will actually need a desktop anymore. Mobile devices now have better battery life; vastly improved networking speeds, and larger screen sizes, therefore a shift away from the desktop is accelerating. With 86% of job seekers using their Smartphone for job searching, 62% of those think the LinkedIn app is the best place to look for a job.  If employers make job applications more mobile friendly it not only makes the process for the candidate easier, they are also more likely to stay on the website/app and explore other pages.

With the next generation already able to use a smart phone before they can speak, shocking as it seems it proves that anyone still working in this century not willing to embrace change will soon be left behind…

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