5 Common Mistakes Consulting Businesses Make When Recruiting

Recruitment can be a challenging task, with many factors to consider. From finding the right talent, through to attracting candidates and finally filling those essential roles, there's more to the process than many organisations expect. As a result, some 77% of managers find themselves making a bad hire, leading to wasted time and resources, as well has having a negative effect on employee morale. That's why it makes sense to leave recruitment to the experts: specialist agencies with the knowledge and expertise to ensure your business gets the right results.

Choose A Professional Partner

Recruitment is second nature to professional talent acquisition companies, which deliver staffing solutions for a living. By opting to outsource your recruiting needs to such experts, you can avoid the five common mistakes that businesses tend to make when taking on the process themselves.

Mistake 1: Lack Of Targeted Advertising

If you don't effectively target your job adverts, you risk being overrun with an influx of unsuitable applications, creating a huge workload for the person who needs to sift through them all.

Mistake 2: Unclear Hiring Sources

It's important to know both where the majority of your applications and your hires are coming from, in order to identify which channels are working out for your business. This helps to avoid wasting resources on ineffective job boards or other under-performing sources.

Mistake 3: Following The Herd

You have probably come across the concept of the case interview. Incredibly popular, especially in Fortune 500 companies. These involve giving candidates a business problem to “solve”. However, research shows that whilst this is a standard approach, it actually provides only broad insights into ability, and is rife with the potential for results to be affected by unconscious bias.

Mistake 4: Underestimating The “Right Fit”

Too many businesses focus on a candidate having the right skill set and experience, at the expense of ensuring that they fit in with the company's ethos. But ignoring this often leads to culture clashes that can damage workplace morale.

Mistake 5: Not Following Up On “No”

If recruiting is proving problematic, it's essential to examine the job acceptance rate. When this rate falls below the global benchmark of 95%, something is likely to be amiss in the hiring process. It may be that your EVP (employee value proposition) needs improving, but if you don't look at the figures, you'll never know.

Get The Right Results By Consulting The Experts

Avoid falling into these pitfalls by partnering with a true recruitment specialist. At Streamline, our domain expertise, core values and quality benchmarking set us apart from the competition, to enable us to deliver the high-quality talent our clients need. Our knowledgeable and experienced consultants are industry qualified to bring you the highest levels of expertise in niche markets, including management consultancy, whilst taking the time to nurture the solid relationships our clients deserve.

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