How Streamline is helping to Greenify talent

One of our core values is a commitment to responsible and ethical business practices. This has always driven our approach: simplifying and improving the recruitment process, maximising efficiency while minimising costs, respecting clients and candidates, and delivering commercially sound and rewarding outcomes.

In recent years, one issue has risen to the top of the business agenda: the environment. With the attention of the world more sharply focussed on the imminent consequences of delay or inaction, the multiple problems of climate change cannot be ignored. Here at Streamline, we believe it is never possible to claim to be doing enough, as there is always more that can be done.

This is why we have entered into a long-term partnership with Greenify, the pioneering environmentalist company that is helping businesses of all kinds to achieve and surpass their objectives in ESG (environmental, social and governance) and CSR (corporate social responsibility).

Amongst the many areas in which Greenify pursues innovative and highly effective solutions is recruitment. Its Greenify Talent initiative is designed to help businesses achieve drastic reductions in their environmental footprints: carbon, plastic and deforestation. Not only is this essential for the welfare of the planet but also it enhances a company's brand, attracts new business, and increases market share.

The ultimate goal is the elimination of carbon emissions and waste, but this will take time. In the interim, we can make a huge difference by adjusting our behaviour. Virtually all human activity, whether personal, political or commercial, has the potential to harm the planet. Some of the most effective weapons in the green toolbox are offsetting, recycling and replanting. In the sphere of business, recruitment is by no means a green process, with the Greenify Talent programme established to compensate for its environmental effects using a combination of these tools. 

Discussion of environmental concerns often concerns itself with the big picture, with league tables of the world's worst polluting countries and the dirtiest industries. We think we understand the impact of road traffic, mining, air travel, shipping, energy generation and agriculture, but this is often in a macro context. Consider for a moment the average impact of the individual. In the US, the carbon footprint per person is 16 tons; elsewhere, it is four tons. The global target for 2050 is below two tons. As for single-use plastic, the per person figure in the UK is 44kg and in the US 53kg. Meanwhile, every inhabitant of a G7 country is annually responsible for the loss of four trees.

What countermeasures can you expect from Greenify and Streamline? For every greenified hire, we pledge 12.7 tonnes of nature-based carbon credits, 34kg of ocean-bound plastic waste recycled, and eight trees planted. The initiative goes further, as carbon offsetting alone is not sufficient. Every month, Greenify pledges to permanently retire three tonnes of nature-based carbon credits, thereby removing them entirely from the environmental equation. This is equivalent to the combined monthly effect of 2,000 miles of driving, 2,000 miles of rail travel, the total energy use of an average small business, and the energy consumption of 20 two-bedroom homes. 

This pioneering approach is available to all Streamline clients. Under this partnership, not only do you enjoy the full quality of our proven experience and expertise but also you can easily counterbalance the carbon footprint of your hiring process and meet your ESG targets. Just as importantly, you establish your company's reputation for taking your social responsibilities and your commitment to the environmentally-conscious conduct of business seriously. These are amongst the top priorities of the younger members of the talent pool, whether Millennials or Gen Zers, and will give you a built-in advantage in the constant competition to attract the most skilled young professionals.

Here at Streamline, we offer a complete recruitment consultancy service with particular specialisms in change, compliance, technology and the environment. Talk to us today about how we can help to bring greenified recruitment to your business:

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