How to interview successfully in Management Consulting

Recruiting in any sector is a significant challenge, no matter what the role. But in the complex world of management consulting, the challenge moves up a few notches. More than ever, thorough pre-interview preparation and technique are vital to ensure a successful outcome for both client and candidate.

Here are some key tips.

Preparing to be the Best
Sounds obvious but the key to a successful interview is being fully prepared and confident that you understand the client’s brief including the job description and desired candidate profile. Equally important is to get under the skin of the client and get to grips with its structure, the company’s mission statement and its ethos. By their very nature, consultants will be skilled at extracting information from clients so you will need to be ready for the challenge.

Interview Success
So just how do you ensure a successful outcome to the interviewing process? Well, because consultants will have specialist areas of expertise, it is important that the interviewer has a strong knowledge of relevant disciplines and is also a specialist.

As with any interview, it should follow a structure based upon a series of questions that should reveal the experience, personality, and suitability of the candidate. Many of the standard questions will be asked but there will be a need to delve deeper into the consultant's CV.

Key Topics and Questions

  • Case Studies. Getting the candidate to describe a recent project and its outputs is a great way to understand many aspects of the candidate including their experience level, communication skills and relationship-building skills.

  • Behavioural questions will help to ascertain a candidate’s competency by asking them to talk about specific elements of a project and how they dealt with it, especially if there were problems to be resolved.

  • Ethics. There is no doubt that one of the key fundamentals of being a consultant is integrity and reputation is all-important. Therefore it is vital that the candidate can demonstrate such qualities.
  • Culture Fit. No matter how experienced the candidate, it is of little value if they do not fit the culture and style of the client. They must be able to show that they can integrate with the client’s existing team.
  • Career Expectations. Management consultants are an ambitious bunch and rightly so. Identifying that their future career goals can be met by the client is essential in ensuring continuity and loyalty for the client and job satisfaction for the candidate.

Achieving Success

Recruiting management consultants is a truly challenging task. They are sophisticated individuals with a high level of expertise but are equally often exceptional salespeople with great communication skills. The task of the interviewer is to get behind the mask and understand what the person sitting in front of them can contribute to the client’s business.

The most effective way to recruit the right candidate is to use a specialist recruitment organisation with the skills and experience in the management consulting sector to ensure success.


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