How to showcase your experience to make yourself attractive to the top financial services consultancies

When it comes to securing a top job in one of the leading financial services consultancies, you have to be strategic, determined and extremely well prepared. 

There are two basic routes, which are applying for a position and being headhunted. Perhaps surprisingly, both require you to be proactive.

Your CV

It goes without saying that your CV needs to be up to date. Don't wait until you see a job that interests you; instead, invest the time now in updating it for accuracy, keywords, relevant projects, and a clear reflection of the work you are currently doing. Add plenty of examples of the work you have undertaken, the results you have achieved, and the ways in which you have made an impact. You must also prepare a cover letter that provides plenty of juicy content for the interviewer to expand on when you make it to the interview, so give big headline numbers, key impacts and achievements, and clear reasons to call you in.

When you apply for jobs, remember to tailor your CV each time to reference it to the specific role. This means lifting keywords from the advent and specification and making sure they appear in your CV. In this way, ATS systems will know to include your CV in the 'review' pile.

Your social media 

Again, you must recognise that your potential employers will Google you, so make a good impression and maximise your appeal online. Clean up your personal accounts and make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date. Use this platform to enhance your reputation by commenting on relevant content, offering your opinion, publishing thought leadership pieces, and so forth. Be active within relevant groups and engage with potential networking opportunities. This will raise your profile within the right circles and enable you to come to the attention of headhunters.

Recruitment agencies

Register with a reputable recruitment agency with expertise and contacts in the financial services industry. The more proactive you can be here - answering your phone, attending meetings, being clear about your interests and getting back to recruiters - the more likely you are to find the perfect job for your needs. Remember that recruiters can form a long-term relationship with you that will enable you to find great roles throughout your career, so invest time in these relationships and recognise that they offer mutual benefit.

Get in touch

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