Streamlining the USA Market

Since 2003, Streamline has been providing global talent solutions to the financial services, technology and consultancy sectors. We entered the industry at a time of rapid, radical change and we have witnessed no slackening in the speed of its evolution ever since. Having established an enviable reputation in the UK and Europe, our new mission is to bring our expertise and experience to the US market.

We were inspired by a desire to address the growing complexity and fragmentation of the recruitment process in these industries. Old hiring models sat uncomfortably with new digital capabilities; traditional communication channels frustrated the potential of the new. We were convinced there could be a smoother, faster, simpler way. Hence our name.

Working across all sectors in financial services, including capital markets, asset & wealth management, insurance, fintech and management consultancy, our objective is to facilitate the hiring of the very best talent from all over the world. We specialise in change management, compliance, consulting and technology, core elements of today's vast international financial sector.

Our track record is full of successful projects in which we have enabled clients to shorten the hiring process, lower costs, improve cashflow and maximise success rates, all the time observing strict regulatory compliance. One of the reasons for our consistently excellent results is that we approach recruitment as a partnership. We don't understate our skills and expertise but neither do we allow them to overwhelm the relationship. We are providing a service that begins and ends with the client. The first stage in the process is to listen and understand so that we can thoroughly appreciate your needs and aspirations, take this fully into account and add a little of our own wisdom on top.

We have the interpersonal and empathetic skills to manage complex interactions between employers and candidates, matching aims, expectations and temperaments. But more than that, we have the extensive technical knowledge of financial services that is needed to place the right person in the right job. Our consultants have years of industry experience which enables them to compile the highest quality, carefully selected shortlists of candidates, both active and passive, giving access to the widest, deepest pool of talent. Not only does this ensure the best outcomes, but it also reduces the needless expense of time and money, minimising the disruption to the running of your business.

Our successes as the recruitment partner of choice for financial organisations and asset & wealth companies in our home and geographically local markets has given us the resources and infrastructure to carry our services into the US market. We are making our offer available to all the major US financial hubs, including, Boston, Chicago, Charlotte, San Francisco and Minneapolis but naturally the biggest arena in the US and arguably the world is Wall Street. We combine our substantial global experience with US consultants who have a thorough understanding of the needs and priorities of the US financial services sector. Powered by international know-how, our US operation provides specific, bespoke recruitment solutions for the financial organisations that drive the world's largest economy.

At Streamline, we have developed a winning three-fold programme. Our Search service is designed to locate and secure the best talent within the shortest of time frames. With our Contract service, you have access to our pre-referenced agile workforce, usually within 24 hours of engaging us. Our Scale Up service allows rapidly growing businesses to make multiple hires fast, giving you instant capacity for expansion.

Not only can we provide perfect recruitment solutions quickly but we can do so via a streamlined process that saves money and time without sacrificing compliance, due-diligence and long-term workforce stability. Our team of experts is based in the US and intimately acquainted with its financial markets. They are waiting for your call.

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