Three key skills every finance tech company looks for in its management team

The nature of the working world means that almost any role you can think of will require a blend of soft and hard skills. When it comes to those in vital management positions in the finance tech sector, this mix of soft skills such as the ability to communicate well and delegate tasks effectively and hard technical skills such as knowledge and understanding of software will require a particularly careful balancing act. 

A challenge for recruiters

For those in managerial roles, it is often the case that the softer personal skills are required to come to the fore. This can present a challenge when such individuals have previously relied heavily on their technical abilities for career progression. This means that those tasked with the hiring of new managers are faced with the challenge of identifying which candidates are best able to offer a high level of soft skills in addition to their technical hard skillset. 

By the time these applicants are at the stage of their careers where a leadership role becomes the next logical step, it is fairly clear that they will have an impressive level of technical expertise. Finding the right questions to determine the candidates who can bring superior interpersonal abilities must therefore become the focus for the recruitment team. 

The key skills to identify 

Such questions should home in on the essential skills needed by any effective manager. This means a focus on the core areas of leadership, commercial awareness and communication. 

The recruiter should seek to establish the level of previous leadership experience held by each candidate. Whilst it is naturally useful to discover the size of the teams the applicant managed in the past, perhaps more valuable is establishing a clear sense of their individual management style. The candidate's outlook and approach to the responsibilities inherent in such a leadership role can also be insightful; for example, is the applicant willing and keen to learn new skills if necessary? How will they support the skills and career development of the people they manage?

Commercial awareness is also integral to a high-level leadership role, as the successful applicant will have a real and tangible impact on the organisation going forward. This means it is crucial to identify whether the candidate has a comprehensive knowledge of the nature of the industry, the associated risks, and a clear understanding of your business and its objectives. As someone who will contribute to the task of guiding the enterprise, it is paramount that the new hire has a strong head for all business matters. 

Unifying leadership style and business acumen is the ability to communicate effectively. In a high-level role, your candidate will need to be able to communicate clearly and appropriately with a diverse range of people, ranging from team members to company directors, senior managers, important clients, and third parties such as the press. Finding a candidate with prior experience or a confident attitude to public speaking is therefore highly advantageous. 

Get help from the experts

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