What is it like to work for a finance consultancy business?

There is no simple answer to this question, as every financial consultancy has an individual approach, a distinctive culture and its own priorities; however, it is worth considering the general realities if you are thinking about a career in this demanding but rewarding sector.

Firstly, it is a highly responsible job. You are not only being hired for your specialist knowledge of savings, commercial finance, investment and money management but also for your interpersonal abilities. You may be working with the private assets of individuals or with a company's budgets and financial planning. You will need a breadth of knowledge and versatile communication skills. The hours can be long and unpredictable, largely because you are providing a vital service with demands that do not respect the 9-5 working week, but success and reputation can be immensely fulfilling.

If you are considering a career as a financial consultant, you should target companies that best fit your vision. Do you want to focus on private wealth or commercial planning? Are you interested in being part of a well-established organisation or do you relish the prospect of joining a company that is intent on making a name for itself? What sort of company culture suits you best? Are you most comfortable in a traditional office environment, with dress codes and conventional command chains, or do you crave a newer and more horizontal model that feels more collaborative and inclusive? 

Once you have identified a financial consultancy that seems to match your personality and aspirations, there are still a number of important questions to ask. The answers to these could be decisive in helping you to choose the right path.

Career prospects

Being a financial consultant can be a lifelong occupation or can lead to other excellent opportunities. Without trying to plan your future to the smallest degree, it does pay to think long term. When considering a vacancy, it is a very good idea to investigate the potential to progress within the organisation. The strongest indicator of this is whether the business has a history of and demonstrable commitment to hiring from amongst its existing employees when senior roles fall vacant. Some consultancies have a specific policy of bringing talent in from outside, while others appreciate the experience its personnel has gathered within its walls. Neither is necessarily right or wrong, but you should make yourself fully aware of the likelihood of being able to rise through the ranks as a result of hard work and quantifiable achievement.

Personal development

Climbing the executive ladder is not the only consideration that will directly affect you. A consultancy truly committed to the development of its human resources will offer mentoring schemes, the possibility of studying for additional qualifications, and financial support. You are not looking for special treatment but simply trying to establish the extent of the employer's commitment to getting the most out of its employees and helping them to become the best they can be.

Company culture

The culture of a company is created by everyone in it; however, the tone, values and policy are set by those at the top. Management must construct and maintain an environment in which all are welcome and people are judged on their ability, merit and willingness to engage productively. Commitment to the benefits of change and technological development is equally essential. Increasingly, environmental issues are also playing a decisive role in candidates' decisions, with fewer and fewer people happy to work in a business that sees sustainability, green energy, carbon zero and social justice as a collection of troublesome burdens. 

This kind of career commitment is a major decision, but Streamline has the experience and knowledge to help you. Our expertise in the areas of change, compliance and technology is second to none. We have worked with thousands of candidates to identify the ideal employer and embark on the road to a long and successful career.

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